We all travel for fun, with MUCH fun, but safety comes first. All must be equipped with complete equipment – a certified helmet, abrasion resistant clothing, (jacket / pants), boots, gloves and eye protection.

Apart from the equipment for traveling, you will want comfortable and suitable clothes for dinner and non-riding activities, shorts, swimsuit and comfortable shoes, etc. You will want to bring a light sweater or jacket for use in the evening. No jackets or ties are required at any of the restaurants we will visit, but the possibly dirty motorcycle suit is not quite appropriate.

Limit your luggage to two pieces per person.

You will not have to carry much on your bike like the main luggage that will be moved in the van or trailer.

When you arrive at the hotel you do not need to register. You will be given your key and you should just pick up your luggage from the van and bring it to your room.

If you plan to charge any additional costs to the room, you must provide a credit card at the reception. Room charges and taxes will be billed to SouthAmericaMoto.


SouthAmericaMoto and our motorcycle rental partners require all riders and passengers to wear a helmet at all times, according to the local laws where we are traveling.

We recommend an additional security equipment:

  • Jacket – Leather or textile, preferably with armored inserts. If you bring your own jacket, use it on the plane to save luggage space. If you arrive a few days in advance of the tour, you can buy a jacket in Chile.
  • Pants – We recommend abrasion resistant pants, leather or textiles. Kevlar jeans are also a good choice. As a minimum, wear jeans, NO shorts or light pants.
    Boots – At least ankle high, preferably with armor protection. Wear boots on the plane to save luggage space. Shoes, sandals or running shoes are not suitable for riding. (Yes, we have seen sneakers)
  • Gloves – Two pairs of gloves, one light and one medium.
  • Rain suit – In guided tours, we schedule rain only for the hours of darkness, on days that do not end with the letter “y”. Unfortunately we do not have 100% success with this policy. My own practice is NOT to put my rain gear when other runners do. That way the rain will stop and I will not need it after all.


Some or all of these items can be easily purchased in Chile, before starting your trip. No luxury clothing or different suits are required while driving. Jeans and t-shirts are fine. If someone wants to dress for a special occasion off the route or before / after the trip, you have the choice and must pack accordingly.

It is not necessary or advisable to fill several luggage with jeans, t-shirts, underwear and socks, especially if it means paying for excess baggage coming to Chile. Near the start of the tour we can stop to buy basic items at low cost. The souvenir t-shirts and souvenirs can be purchased along the route .

  • Jeans, swimsuit, pants (short for trips in the north and long for trips in the south)
  • 1 to 2 shirts and 2 to 3 shirts
  • Casual shoes and / or sandals (comfortable for walking)
  • Lightweight non-driving jacket, pollen or sweater to wear underneath jacket if necessary, Hat
  • Toiletries – Toothbrush, razor, deodorant, make-up, etc.
  • Medications – let us know if special storage is required (refrigerator or freezer). Items that are not prescribed, such as painkillers (aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen), cold remedies, stomach medicines, etc., are available but can be called by different names in Chile. If you have preference for well-known brands, you should bring those items from your home.
  • Spare lenses, sunglasses, optical recipe copy
  • Sun protection, Camera and memory cards, chargers, etc.

If you have a smartphone, consider obtaining a SIM card in Chile for data traffic (especially maps and directions) or for making calls. In some lodges there is WiFi signal with free connection.

Some hotels have facilities for laundry.

TIP – At the beginning of the trip, organize your equipment in such a way that you are only carrying a small or medium bag to the hotel every night. After several days you can reorganize as needed.


In the south brief rains can appear at any time. The safest way to avoid rain is to wear rain gear.

On tours in the SOUTH of Chile:

Daytime temperatures range from moderately cool to temperate, but cold conditions are also possible. The best advice is to dress in layers, since the temperature can vary from (10 ° C to 26 ° C) in the course of little more than a day.

In tours in the NORTH of Chile:

Daytime temperatures range from moderately warm to hot, but cold conditions are also possible, especially at sunsets and evenings. The temperature can vary from (4 ° C to 34 ° C) in the course of little more than a day. Ideal is to wear in layers.

Keep in mind that you do not have to carry all your equipment on the bike. You can bring more than one jacket, shirts, pants, gloves, etc. And keep them in the van or trailer for use as needed.