PERSONALIZED TOURS – Drive “your way”

Over the last few years, we have done at least one or two custom rides per year. It is very satisfying – and a challenging challenge – to plan a motorcycle adventure specially designed to “SURPRISE” a specific group of motorcyclists.

“Custom” means an unscheduled tour, not open to the public. It does not have to mean more expensive. A personalized tour can be the same route or itinerary as one of our scheduled tours, but more often, a personalized tour is exactly that: your starting point, your end point, your number of days and what you want to see and do while We are together. Do you want to spend the night at a working ranch, take a white water raft tour or see world class polo? It is not a problem!

The tour is truly YOURS: your schedule, your choice of stops, your budget and your fellow travelers.

We are going to do all the work and planning, or you can be as involved as you want in the whole process. You will also have the benefit of the improvements we provide to all our customers on each tour. Special requests are the name of the game, and we do not stop at anything to be attentive to what you ask for.
Groups can be family and friends, corporate or overseas visitors who want to see SudAmérica together. Your group can be as small or as large as you want, although we recommend keeping the group size to a maximum of twelve to fifteen bikes. Larger groups can be accommodated, but we would need to plan in more detail from the beginning.

We can easily accommodate non-motorists, whether in our comfortable vehicle support or by renting a suitable car, SUV or even a camper / RV. Any specific needs of your group can be addressed, from dietary restrictions to the need for personal safety.
The nature of motorcycle travel lends itself perfectly to strengthening relationships and team building. Corporations might consider a customized tour as a very special reward or incentive for valued employees or customers. Professional groups can even combine a trip with education or continuing education.

Personalized Tours can be scheduled at any time as our respective schedules allow, but if you are open to the suggestion, consider the period April to September for travel to the northern part of Chile and October to March for walks to The southern or southern part of the country, where weather is perfect for tours in each area, and the general conditions are much less congested.

The only limit is your imagination. We are open to your ideas and challenges, and we add some ideas of our own. We want to show you the best driving experience of your life. The whiteboard is blank, let’s work on planning your personal dream journey.

Or maybe I should say “the road is open!”

Get in touch and we’ll start …