SouthAmerica Moto Tours can offer you all the details or simply the basics. We want you to have the most flexibility in driving the way you like the most.

Your Tour begins on the evening of the “Start” date and ends with dinner on the night before the “End” date. However, the last night of accommodation is included as well as transportation to the airport for your departure the following morning. Unless otherwise noted, SouthAmerica Moto offers the tour with a maximum of twelve and a minimum of five motorcycles, in addition to our touring staff.
If you are arriving in the city with the air ticket, we recommend that you schedule your arrival early in the afternoon of the start day. After registering at your hotel, motorcycle riders will be taken to the rental place in the afternoon to pick up the bikes. This allows time to handle paperwork, familiarize yourself with motorcycles and start the tour the following morning.

Motorcycle rental is included in all major tours. Unlimited mileage and all taxes are included. The one-way return fares are also included if applicable (return of the motorcycle to the city of origin). You are also welcome to drive your own motorcycle with substantial savings.

Most of our hotels offer free shuttle service to and from the airport, which is included in all tours. We will take care of taking you to the motorcycle rental location before the tour, and from the rental location back to your hotel at the end of the tour.

In addition to the great routes and spectacular landscapes in a great tour in South American territory, one of the most critical components is our selection of accommodation. All accommodations are included, from the night before departure until the night after the last day of travel.
Words like “first class”, “luxury” and the like are subjective, and can mean different things to people, so we stay away from them. The “Star” or “Diamond” systems also do not work for us, as we get to so many places off the beaten path. We search and select the best available, with a few conditions. We stayed in places where our group is not considered “small”, so we can be the main focus of the owner and staff. That usually means that we are staying in a small hotel, local inn, Bed & Breakfast, ranch, lodge, or even private cabins. Sometimes we are the only ones. The place needs character, and some of the most interesting characters you will find on a tour (plus your group of course!) can be our hosts for one or more nights. However, comfort is never sacrificed, and you will often find amenities such as rustic furnishings, hot tubs, fireplaces, as well as nearby activities and attractions such as rafting, horseback riding, fishing, hiking, and even shopping.

Each day we are traveling begins with breakfast as a group (included in the rate). It ranges from a generous continental to a cooked-to-order banquet. Sometimes we drive for an hour or so if there is a “destination” breakfast in the area. Before leaving each morning we will talk about the day of sightseeing, attractions and alternative routes.
Lunch is on your own. Usually, we stop where there are several options and you can choose what you like. We prefer establishments that are the right combination of atmosphere, good food, and the fast service needed to help us keep moving.
We usually enjoy favorites and local specialties, always fresh prepared and abundant. Sometimes we order from the menus but sometimes we have a “personal chef” who is eager to show off his culinary creativity. The best meals, such as the best rides, are often “planned spontaneity”!
We have noticed that people like the choices when it comes to dinner. Some days we will dine in groups, but we will also give you the opportunity to dine wherever and whenever you want.

The guided tours are accompanied by a support van, which carries the luggage of the group and has space for clothes and travel equipment with a maximum of one small suitcase or bag per person. It is driven by a mechanic assistant communicated with the guide. It carries tools, first aid kit and emergencies, tea, coffee, sandwiches and emergency satellite phone. If you have items such as medications that should be kept cold, we have space in cooler. Water, soft drinks and a selection of snacks are available at no cost.

When you arrive on your trip, you will receive your Daily Itinerary Package. Here you will find detailed information about your trip, including maps and directions for daily departures. The GPS route will be delivered in digital format for Garmin branded equipment. There will be a list of attractions, interesting facts about places and people along the way.

The engines are running, the daylight is shining … and we are waiting to hear from you!
At SouthAmerica Moto Tours we try to make every aspect of your trip as easy and simple as possible. Not only your trip … but also reservations and planning. We do not like to call the following “Rules”, but we have some policies designed to ensure maximum enjoyment and minimal potential for confusion in the future. Since we plan our accommodations and other arrangements months in advance, this ensures that our guests are given priority and personal service from start to finish.
Experience has taught us that, as much as we would like, we can not count drivers who SAY they are going – we count DEPOSITS. Since the operation of each tour depends on achieving a minimum number of participants, we ask for a deposit of 10% of the tour price per person at the time of booking. This must be paid through PayPal or credit card. Download the appropriate REGISTRATION FORM and send it by e-mail or inform us if you need the forms. If you prefer, you can contact us by phone to relay your credit card information. Full payment must be made by the enrollment closing date specified on the SouthAmerica Moto website for each tour.
Cancellations – Your deposit is refundable until the registration deadline for your tour, less a $ 200 per person charge. If you cancel less than 60 days but more than 30 days before the date of the tour, we will reimburse 50% of the tour price. No refunds will be made for cancellations less than 30 days prior to the date of the tour. If a tour is canceled by SouthAmerica Moto Tours for any reason, you will receive a full refund of everything you have paid us. We can not refund the cost of “non-refundable” airline tickets.
Unless otherwise noted, guided tours have a maximum of twelve and a minimum of five motorcycles in addition to our tour staff. If a tour has less than the minimum number of passengers, we will offer the opportunity to pay a supplementary fee before making a decision to cancel the Tour.
Fuel, meals (additional to breakfast), snacks, tolls, insurance, alcoholic beverages and incidental or personal items are your responsibility.

On guided motorcycle tours, your National Parks tickets and recreation areas are included as part of your trip fee (see “Included” for each tour).
We are sorry, but since we make all our arrangements well in advance of the tours, we can not give refunds for unused meals, lodging or attraction fees ..

Most of our selected inns, hotels and B & Bs have a non-smoking policy in rooms and other areas. You may request a smoking room, but you will most likely have to go outside.

If you are using a rented motorcycle, an additional deposit may be required. Because we work with different providers, payment and cancellation policies vary. We will inform you of what is necessary after having selected your tour and motorcycle and we have confirmed availability for the required days. We can also offer recommendations and assistance for those who wish to send their own motorcycle. Keep in mind that we will do our best to provide your favorite motorcycle; Your selection is not guaranteed.
Pilots licensed on all motorcycle brands and models are welcome to participate in any of our tours. However, all machines must comply with national and local laws regarding mechanical, electrical specifications and noise levels. Excessively noisy leaks are not suitable for the areas and conditions in which we will travel.

Pilots and passengers are responsible for their own compliance with applicable traffic laws and regulations regarding helmets and other personal safety equipment. SouthAmerica Moto Tours requires the use of an approved protective helmet and strongly suggests the use of safety equipment, such as abrasion resistant clothing, gloves, boots and eye protection. And for the most southern destinations (Patagonia) it is necessary to have suits to travel with rain, occasional situation in this type of route.

You will need your original documents: Passport, Driving Permit, International Driving Permit. You must also have travel insurance / medical insurance.
Since visa requirements depend on your nationality and can be complex with constantly changing requirements, we suggest you do these procedures well in advance.

Only book your international flights once we have confirmed that your tour is a guaranteed departure. We will not refund flight costs if you have booked flights for a trip that has not been notified as a guaranteed departure.
You should consider that once in Chile, you must take an additional transfer flight to the departure city of the tour, either to the north or south of the country, which you can do with any of the local airlines (www.latam.com or www.skyairline.cl). The same is valid for the return flight. We can help you in selecting these trips.
If you wish to arrive before the official start date or stay after the end date, please request additional nights and we can make the reservation for you.