From a very young age, their partners rode their motorcycles and practicing cross-country, cross-country and enduro motorcycles, they fell in love with the diverse and abundant geography that they had known through the years. They have adventurous souls and participate in all tours. They are descendants of Europeans living all their lives in Chile, who know every corner of this country and many places in neighboring countries. They speak Spanish, English and German. Today they converge on the same interest: to show the lovers and passionate of the 2 wheels the routes and landscapes that nature has taught them.
We want to show you those places recognized worldwide and that we have chosen carefully so that you get renovated to your home and wanting to come back for more.
We travel, know and impregnate ourselves with different cultures, meet people with whom we interact, places you never imagined could captivate you and make you forget where you come from. Renew!
There is no place that contains so many natural attractions that you will meet in our trips designed not to miss out on anything. We know everything you want because we are like you, adventurers to the core.
The company’s philosophy is environmental sustainability, which means meeting the needs of current generations, but without affecting the ability of future, respecting natural ecosystems and the quality of the environment.

We take a personal interest in making sure every individual has the very best possible experience, and when you contact us to ask about YOUR trip, you’ll find out that our approach is relaxed, friendly and truly unique.